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chord shapes:
Bb X13331
C X24442
A X02220
Gm 355333

(slashes indicate strumming pattern)

One hand; it loves the other -
So much on me...

Bb      C     A    Bb
 /  /  //     /    / 

Bb   C        A    Bb
Born stubborn   me
Bb   C   A        Bb
Will al- ways  be 
Bb                 C   A         Bb
Before you count a-one-two-three
Bb             C           A  
I will grow my own private branch 
Bb      C     A
Of this tree

Bb  C         A
You gardener, you
Bb          C    A
Discipliner,   domestically
Bb         C           A  
I can obey all of your rules
    Bb    C  A 
And still be free

Bb                      C
I never thought I would compromise

C     Gm      C
Let's unite tonight
C  Gm        C
We shouldn't fight
C    Gm        C
Em___brace you tight
C      Gm     C
Let's unite tonight
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