• Song:

    She Gave Good Sunflower

  • Artist:

    Black Crowes

  • Album:

    Sho' Nuff

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She Gave Good Sunflower

by : The Black Crowes
Transcribed by : Wim Heylen (wheylen@zorro.ruca.ua.ac.be)

Before you begin : there's a chord in there, I don't know what it's called, so I'll
                   just call it D(special), and it's like this :

It's C, but two frets higher.

intro : D F#m G 
        Em F C

(with sologuitar)   D F#m G 
                    Em F C

(with bass)         D F#m G
                    Em F C

(all together)      G C
                    G C
                    G C
                    G C

                         G          C
1. i've been lost in the headlights
             G     C
   all night long
                  G     C                          G    C
   said i've felt taller, yes i heard the dealer's song

   G   C          D(special) C
   say babe don't mark me absent
 G   C           D(special) C
   i only missed out by a fraction
 G C               D(special)     C
   be the sun that bursts through my clouds
 G      C                D(special)     C
   it's hard enough just living on this ground

chorus :

D  F#m         G
  say don't pretend to me
Em  F                         C
  i beg and i plead, your sunflower i need
D           F#m            G
  thought nothing would surprise me
Em        F
  i was wrong now i see
  come on baby and just do me if you please


                    G       C
2. this made me reminiscing
                      G     C
   about the honey we made
                       G          C
   i feel warm in your blizzard
                    G     C
   and your flood i crave

 G C         D(special) C
   i won't abuse my anger
 G C          D(special) C
   i promise you no lecture
 G C           D(special)  C
   come be the sun bursting through my clouds
 G            C          D(special)    C
   it's hard enough just living on the ground


solo : Am Bb C G (8x)

Comments and stuff : wheylen@zorro.ruca.ua.ac.be
(If anybody knows the name of my D(special)-invention, I'd love to know it.
 I'm not even sure whether that's the right chord or not.)
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