• Song:

    Theres Gold In Them Hills

  • Artist:

    Black Crowes

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There's Gold In Them Hills - Black Crowes

* Capo on the 5th fret

Intro: C Csus2

Verse I

On the first day of winter
I was set to leave
         F7                          C
With the lost awe of true love in my eye
    C              Csus2
The wild frontier outlaws and thieves 
   F7                        C
To find me A mountain in the sky


There's gold In them hills
C           Csus4  C 
I heard the man    cry
There's gold In them hills
C              Csus4   C
For the taking
It's a one-way ticket down 
C           Csus4   C
A river of lies
There's gold In them hills
C              Csus4   C
If you make it

Verse II
On the last day of spring I first saw the sea
A poor boy with good luck on my side
Ready for riches I rolled up my sleeve
And took my first step Down my life

C      F      Bb       Eb
Had my wallet same old pocket
C       F        Bb        Eb
Sixteen dollars, brand new shoes
C     F        Bb         Eb
Empty bottles, sad turned daughters
C        F      Bb     Eb  F  Bb
What's a country boy to do

G                D/F#
Tell dear mother that I miss her
But things are different now
There's nothing I can do
Your dark haired son is now long gone
G                          D
Remember me when you stare At the moon

Verse III
I've broken my heart diamonds and gold
Through scandal, through madness, through cold
All I have left is this grey in my beard
This mountain and the stories that I've told


Chords Chart:

Seq.    EADGBe
C       x32010
Csus2   x32000
Csus4   x33010
Fm      133111
Eb      xx1343
Bb      x13331
G       320003
D/F#    200230
F       133211
F7     1x221x 

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