Am                  F
I fell in love with a little Indian girl
        D               E
And she stole my heart away
    Am                       F
She took me to a pow-wow way out on the plains
              D                             E
And runs with bears, danced and brought the rains
  Am                          F
I listened to the stories all through the night
            D                  E
Through the haze of that peace pipe
    Am                         F
The night grew long so i found a tee pee
            Am                 E7               Am
And you can bet I brought that squall girl with me

         Dm               C
Could be Cherokee, Inuit, Etowah, Navajo,
Sioux, Creek, Apache, Seminole bravo
Tomahawk, arrow, any way the wind blow
It's just fine with me
Dm                 C
Buffalo, wolfpack, rawhide knapsack
Arrowhead, mohawk, other tribe to attack
Dm                                  E7
Take my wife back to that land with me
      Am                    F
All I gotta do is take that love to the floor
      Am               E7             Am
After all, I liked the way you were before
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