• Song:

    Freedom Song

  • Artist:

    Blackberry Smoke

  • Album:

    Little Piece Of Dixie (...

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D                          C
That man in the mirror, staring back at me
 F              C
Ain't the man I used to see
             F                C                 G
I've been walking the line a long time, need a change
 D                        C
Breaking my back, working double shifts
      F                           C
The weight of the world's getting hard to lift
                 F       C                           G
I'm starting to think I need to break a link in this chain
C                  G
Something's got to give
F                    C
This ain't no way to live

            D            F
Put me on a highway, the interstate
 C             G
A dirt road to anyplace
F               C
Long as I'm long gone
                 D                F
Chasing down some blue sky in my old truck
         C                   G
Tune the world out, turn the radio up
F        C                  D
Sing along to my freedom song

(Mesma coisa na segunda parte).
Hey, I got a good woman and she understands
Every now and then, her old man needs some downtime
To clear his mind and unplug
This time, tomorrow, you won't see my face
There'll be one less rat running in this race
I'll be soothing my soul with a fishing pole
That's what I love
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