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key: G
G]                                      C 
I used to think that love was just for dreamers 
     D                          G 
That fate and destiny played no part 
But finding you has made me a believer 
That we were meant to be right from the start

CHORUS -----------------------------------------
           C                D 
Before the sun and moon and stars 
Were put there in the sky 
           C               D 
Before the mountains stood tall 
Above this world so high 
I loved you then, I love you now 
    Am             Cm 
And I'll love you until 
       C            G 
Always have, always will
Em                                 D 
Before the light broke through the dark 
You were the candle in my heart 
Before the dawn of time 
Am             D 
I was your and you were mine 
(repeat chorus) 
       C            G 
Always have, always will
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