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key: G

We (G)met in a honky-tonk with (C)sawdust on the floor 
But I'm not supposed to hang out there (G)anymore 
You fell in love with a side of me that (C)you call wild and free 
But that's not the way you (D)want me to (G)be 
(D)Must be nice to (G)walk the straight and narrow 
(C)See in black and white, (D)true as an arrow 
But out here on the edge is where I be(C)long 
Walkin' that (G)fine line between (D)ragged and wrong(G) 
(same as first verse) 
I know you think that you can make somebody out of me 
But the good Lord did that job already, can't you see 
I'm sorry if my rebel ways don't fit into your plan 
But I kinda like me fine the way I am 

(C)I got my own way of (G)lovin (C)you 
I got my own way of (G)bein' (C)true 
If (C)that ain't enough it'll have to (G)do 
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