• Song:

    World Of Stone

  • Artist:

    Blackmores Night

  • Album:

    Paris Moon

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World Of Stone
                              Blackmore's Night





Am	              G
Bring to me all of my arrows
Bring to me my crossbow too
G	  	Am	
I fear we might need them both
C	   G     Am
Before the night is through

Am		           G
Once a world of glittering hope
This world is not the world we knew
G	       Am
The only light left to shine
C	  G	  Am
Is between me and you

Am  G  Am C
On our own
E  D E      C Am G
In a World of Stone
Am C   D   B Am
We are not alone

I had once believed in angels
They were everywhere I looked
A gentle hand guiding me
To give more than I took

But I have died a thousand times
Watching all these angels fall
Their lonely eyes haunt me still
We will avenge them all

(the instrumental part is in Em)
ONE WHOLE step from now on! (to Bm)

*Bring me mead and bring me ale
To help us face this fight again
Good fortune will shine down on us
Together we will win

And they will never break our spirit
We will never turn and run
And we will rise stronger still
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