Capo II 
INTRO: C  C9  F  C   (4x) 
Sittin' on the sofa just watchin' TV 

Flippin' thru the channels and what do I see 
A swimsuit model on the Cozumel sand 
And some lucky guy with a towel in his hand 
Holdin' it up as she changes her suit 
        G7                                    C   N C 
Gettin' all the best shots at the photo shoot 
                     F                        C 
How do you get that job, that's what I wanna know 
                     G                            C 
Wherever he went to school, that's where I wanna go 
C9             F                            C      C G7 Am 
Holdin' up that towel, he's got it all figured out, yessireebob 
                  C                       G7                       C 
How hard could it be, that's the life for me, how do you get that job 
Well there's doctors and lawyers with Ph.D's 

Who spend half their lives just to get their degrees 

There's pro balls players we can all name 

Who spend every wakin' hour tryin' to master their game 

Then there's the guy with no talent by the girl with no clothes 

On the beach by the ocean in Mexico 
Spoken over SOLO: --So Jack, you gotta tell me, what do you talk about 

                            when they're changin'? 

                  --Oh, the usual Blaine...quantam physics, foreign policy... 

                  --Yeah, that's great; you ever sneak a look over the towel? 

                  --You want the truth Blaine?   You can't handle the truth. 

C G7 Am 
Am                      C           G7 
Hey that's the life for me, yessireebob 
How do you get that job
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