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    Blake Shelton

Tabbed By Larry Mofle

D             G                D
Hey, hey, I'm out here bailin' hay
    D                                                G 
And all my friends are cruisin' 'round town checkin' out the pretty girls
         Bb           A
Hey! And what do they say
         D                   G                   D
They say hey, hey, park that Deere, come out and play
D         D/C#  D/B        D/A         G        A       D
Kick that tire, wipe my perspire cause my whole life is hay

Growin' like weeds, stick out your teeth
G                      D
Playin' underneath the baby Jesus
D                                       G         Bb  A
Blowin' out the truck, headin' down the highway
Lookin' pretty soft up in the loft
G                     D
Come on baby kick your cowgirls off
    D           D/C#  D/B     D/A     G
I'm pickin' you up    after I draw my pay
    A                       D         
And we'll be rollin' in the hay

D         G                  D
Hey, hey, Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet
D                                               G                   Bb     A
Different strokes for different folks, a little fella walks up in a pink beret
         D           G            D 
He says "Hey" - Hey, hell that's OK
         D       D/C#   D/B        D/A
Turn the guitars up and raise them cups
     G        A       D
Hell my whole life is hay


Put it on a flatbed and go for a ride
G                              Bb
Under the moonlight, you by my side
Give it to the cow, make it go moo
Koo-koo-kachoo, kick it off your shoe
Break a camel's back, jack
G                          D
Then you put it in a stack yeah.


My whole life is hay
Rollin' in the hay
Now come here, hey, hey
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