• Song:

    In My Heaven

  • Artist:

    Blake Shelton

  • Album:

    The Dreamer

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Capo 2 
In my heaven there ain't no lawyers 
D                   C      G 
Don't need names on dotted lines 
Folks do business like they oughta 
D                     C          G 
A good firm handshake works just fine 
F       C       G      D    
We feed lawyers to the lions 
In my heaven there ain't no children  

Totin' loaded guns to school 

Ain't no such thing as peer pressure 

Being who you are is cool 

We still teach that golden rule 

Bm    D         Bm      D   
In my heaven we hurt no one 
   Bm     D          G     A 
No lying, crying, or dying young 
Bm       D       Bm       D 
No one's lonely, no one's scared 
    C         G       A           D 
And anyone is welcome there in my Heaven  
In my heaven I can sing like Elvis 

Play guitar like B.B. King 

Slide a fast ball past Hank Aaron 

Hey now batter, batter swing 

I can do most anything 
I know that's it's God's decision 
D                C     G  
What my heaven's gonna be 
I ain't tellin him his business 
D                 A     D 
But if he left it up to me 
Then in my heaven, there's football with no referees 
Then in my heaven, there's never been an injury 
In my heaven, angels yodel when they sing 
And in my heaven, the fish will bite most anything 
In my heaven  
In my heaven 
(Fade Out)
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