• Song:

    Playboys Of The Southwestern World

  • Artist:

    Blake Shelton

  • Album:

    The Dreamer

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This a song about best friends G C G D John Roy was boy I knew, since he was three and I was two G C D Grew up two little houses down from me G C G D The only two bad apples on our family tree, kind of ripened and rotted in our puberty G C D Two kindred spirits bound by destiny Em C Well I was smart but I lacked ambition G D Johnny was wild with no inhibition G C D Was about like mixing fire and gasoline and he?d say G C G D G C Hey, Romeo lets go down to Mexico chase senoritas drink ourselves silly G D Show them Mexican girls a couple real hillbillies G C Got a pocket full of cash and an old ford truck, G D Fuzzy can hanging from the mirror for luck G C D Said don?t you know all those little brown-eyed girls D G 1/ C G D Want playboys of the southwestern world 2/ C G D 3. (see bottom ) G C G D Long around our eighteenth year we found two airplane tickets the hell outta here G C D Got scholarships to some small town school in Texas G C We learned to drink sangrias ?till the dawns early light G D Eat eggs ranchero and throw up all night G C D And tell those daddys girls we were majorin? in a rodeo Em C Ah, but my favorite memory of school that fall G D Was the night John Roy came running down the hall G C D Wearin? nothing but cowboy boots and a big sombrero and he was yellin? Em C G D And I said we had a little change in plans like when Paul McCartney got busted in japan G C D And I said we got waylaid when we set foot on Mexican soil (Slow down) G C You see the border guard with a Fu Manchu mustache G D Kind of stumbled on John?s pocket full of American cash G C D He said doing a little funny business in Mexico amigo Em C But all I could think about was saving my own tail G D When he mentioned ten years in a Mexican jail G C D So I pointed at John Roy and said it?s all his now please let me go No chord I mean it was your idea genius I was just laying in bed when you said C G D 3. Playboys of the southwestern world G C G D G Ah, we?re still best friends, temporary cellmates Outro: Beginning riff
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