• Song:

    Further Down The Line

  • Artist:

    Bleu Edmondson

  • Album:


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Capo:3rd fret 
Intro:  G5  C5 G5  E5 D5  repeat a few times 
G5          C5                                G5      C5 
Baby you know its been a long time coming 
G5          C5                                D5 
The fights were hard the nights got long 
G5          C5                        G5      C5 
I got so sick and scared of running 
G5             D5                              C5 
From all the things you said were wrong 

G5          C5                                G5      C5 
So you packed up and you took off westbound 
G5          C5                     D5  
Said Seattle called you by name 
G5          C5                        G5      C5 
Now its cold and wet in your new town 
G5                        D5                        C5          D5 
But once you cross the red it's a bright fine day. 
C5                D5                G5 walkdown  
'Caus it's not raining in Chorpus 
E5                        C5                        D5 
Don't you know those dark clouds they can't find me 
C5                   D5                   G5                 D5                  C5 
So I'll take my bottle and lime, move a little further on down the line 
                D5                             then intro 
And think about how good life can be
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