• Song:

    Goin' Home

  • Artist:

    Bleu Edmondson

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Capo 1 
Caught a Greyhound bus in west LA 
Got a heavy load, there's nothin' more to say 
D   C               G     C   D 
    Cause I'm goin' home 
I climbed the mountain and touched the sun 
I played the role but you know I ain't the one 
D   C     G      G  G/F#  Em 
    goin' home 

Em                   G        G  G/F#  Em 
I broke down east of nowhere 
Em                       D       C 
I felt the darkness come down on me 
G                         D                  C 
But there's a place I can go, I'll never be alone 
D           G 
  I'm goin' home  
I've been around and I've seen some things 

Well, I ran with outlaws, I laid down with queens 

Oh, Well I'm goin' home 

They took me out, they took the best of me 

I wanna see that river, Lord I wanna be free 

Oh, I'm goin' home 
C          G    C                G 
So ask yourself where the wind begins 
C                G              D 
But I've seen salvation rollin' east down I-10 
Oh, yeah, yeag 
Gonna go 
They drop me off outside the Central Trust 
I can feel the sunshine, and I can taste the main street dust 
Oh, I'm goin home 
Caught a Greyhound in west LA 
I got a heavy load, there's nothin' more to say 
Fade out
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