• Song:

    It's About You

  • Artist:

    Bleu Edmondson

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Intro chords: 
C5   F5   C5   G5   C5   F5   G5 
C5          F5         C5                          G5                    
I sat down just last week to write a song about love 
C5            F5                 G5 
Something to make young lovers cry 
C5                 F5              C5                      G5 
But I was lost in doubt, I never had what I was writing about 
C5             F5            G5            
So I took one year ago and wrote a song about why 

                      F5    G5 
And it's a song about you, you 
    C5          C5     A5 
The things you made me do 
F5       C5                     G5 
How you turned and you walked away 
                 F5  G5          C5          C5    A5 
Yeah, it's about you   and the things you put me through 
F5           G5             C5  
And how I'm doin' alright today  
Now the rain was pouring down when you put me on the ground 
And I stayed down for a long, long while 
Now I hear your broke, your man, he's a dirty joke 
that kind of news makes me smile 
Repeat 1st verse 
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