• Song:

    Imaginations From The Other Side

  • Artist:

    Blind Guardian

  • Album:

    2003-06-14: Coburg, Ger...

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Blind Guardian
"Imaginations From the other side"   1995
By Felipe Verdugo  (Fverd)
comments/correcttions to felipeverdugo2@hotmail.com


Em                      C
Where are these silent faces
(I took them all)
Em                C
 they all went away
(now you're alone)
   Am              B                 C      D
to turn out every light so deep in me
hold on, to late

  eb-------------------------------------   -----------------------
  Bb-------------------------------------   -----------------------
  Gb-------------------------------------   -----------------------
  Db---9-10--9-7-9----9----5-7-8---------   --8--5--7--2------------
  Ab---7--8--7-5-7----7-8--5-7-8---------   --8--5--7--2------------
  Eb-00-00-00-0-0---00-0---3-5-6---------   --6--3--5--0------------
                                             Last Time
Em                    G    
Will I ever see them back again
   D                         Am
or did they all die by my hand
or where they killed
by the old evil ghost
        D     Am
who had taken taken
F#           Am
the ocean of all my dreams
which were worth to keep
D      C#           
deep inside my heart
F#             Am
I wish I could get them back
from the everflow
  D            C#
before they'll fade away

F# F G D

  F#         Em             B       Am  B
Imaginations from the other side
(far out of nowhere it got back to my mind)

  F#         Em             B       Em  D
Imaginations from the other side
(far out of nowhere it got back to my mind)
    F#               Em
out of the dark back to the light
     B                   Am       B   
then I'll break down the walls around my heart

 F#         Em             B       Em  D
Imaginations from the other side
F#                  F
Where's the ocean's daughter
    F#           F
was Peter Pan in Mordor
F#                         F
no one's there to keep alive

F#       D                 F#
no one's there to keep alive
all these fairy tales
F3     D           F#
   may I return to Oz
will I meet the "Tin Man"

B       D                F#    Am
"Coward Lion" where are you
without brain the scarecrow's lost
       D             F#
in the middle of the lake
                F#   Em  F#
stranded in the real world
           F#  E  F#
left in a world
   B                   D
no place for daydreams serious life
F# Am          B           D
I  fall into I fall into a dark hole
      F#             F# Em F#         F# Em F#   
and I can't come out       do you know 
if Merlin did exist
or Frodo wore the ring
did Corum kill the gods
   D                 C#
or where's the wonderland
which young Alice had seen
or was it just a dream
I knew the answers
D           C#
now they're lost for me



  B               D
I hope there is a way back
        F#       Am
with my talisman
     B           D
so I look into myself
to the days when I was just a child
come follow me to wonderland
and see the tale that never ends
don't fear the lion nor the witch
D            C#
I can't come back
    F#   Am    
I'm lost 
but still I know 
      D    C#  
there is another world

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