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  • Artist:

    Blind Guardian

  • Album:

    Return of the Elven Kin...

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This is how I play Nightfall.

Intro: Am   F   Am  Em
       F    E   F   E 

   Am               F
No sign of life did flicker

   Am                    Em
In floods of tears she cried

 F                    E
"All hope's lost it can't be undone

F                   E
They're wasted and gone"
"Save me your speeches

  F                     Am
I know (They blinded us all)

What you want                 

You will take it away from me

Am                     F
Take it and I know for sure

The light she once brought in

    G           Am
Is gone forevermore"

     Am                      F
Like sorrowful seagulls they sang

"(We're) lost in the deep shades

The misty cloud brought

(A wailing when beauty was gone
Come take a look at the sky)

Am                       F
Monstrous it covered the shore

Am                  G
Fearful into the unknown"

Quietly it crept in new horror
D          A
Insanity reigned
It spilled the first blood

D                      A
When the old king was slain

Bm   G

D                       Em        F#
Quietly it crept in and changed us all

Bm   G

D                       Em        F#
Quietly it crept in and changed us all

Bm   G

  D       G         D      A   Bm
Immortal land lies down in agony

"How long shall we

D            A
Mourn in the dark

    Bm              D
the bliss and the beauty

Will not return

     Bm          D            A
Say farewell to sadness and grief

       Bm        D        A      
Though long and hard the road may be"

But even in silence I heard the words     |Well, this is how I play it.
"An oath we shall swear                 
By the name of the one                   
'til the world's end                   
(It can't be broken                    
Just wondering how                       
I can still hear these voices inside)     
The doom of the Noldor drew near"         

     B                                    |This part is tricky as hell. This 
The words of a banished king              |is how I play it though. Far from 
                                          |perfect. Anyone got better idea?
A  C#      B
"I swear revenge"

Filled with anger aflamed our hearts

        C#           B
Full of hate full of pride

      C#          A
We screamed for revenge


"Vala he is that's what you said

           D                   A
Then your oath's been sworn in vain

(freely you came and
You freely shall depart)

Never trust the northern winds

D               A
Never turn your back on friends"

         Bm          D 
"Oh I'm heir of the high lord!"

"You better don't trust him"

    D        A
The enemy of mine

      F#           Bm
Isn't he of your kind and

D   A            Em    Bm      A   G A
Finally you may follow me

Bm                  D   A   G A
Farewell he said


Bm                   G      
Back to where it all began
Bm                   F#7
Back to where it all began


G   F#   G   F#

Bm  G   Bm  F#7

G   F#   G   F#   Bm
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