• Song:

    The Bards Song

  • Artist:

    Blind Guardian

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Am                Gm               
 Now You all know 
E                 Am
The bards and their songs 
Am                Gm              
When hours have gone by 
E                 Am
I'll close my eyes 
Am                Gm
In a world far away 
E                 Am
We may meet again 
Am                Gm
But now hear my song 
E                 Am
About the dawn of the night 
A     G     Am     G    A       G       Am  G
Let's sing the bards' song 

G     A            A          
Tomorrow will take us away 
Far from home 
C               G      A    
No one will ever know our names 
C                         G     
But the bards' songs will remain 
A                       B
Tomorrow will take it away 
The fear of today 
It will be gone 

Due to our magic songs 

Am          Gm        E     Am
...only one song left in my mind Tales...
Am      Gm        E         Am
...of a brave man who lived far from here...
Am         Gm           E            Am
...now the bard's songs are over and it's time to leave...
   A            G           Am          G
...noone should ask you for the name of the one...
   A   G     Am  G
...who tells the story 


    G  A             A
1)Tomorrow will take us away
2)Tomorrow all  will be known and
1)far from home
2)you're not alone
  C               G        A
1)noone will ever know our names

2)so don't be afraid in the dark and cold
     C          G
1)but the bard's song will remain
     C          G
They all will remain 

C     G            Am                   C      G     Am
In my thoughts and in my dreams they're always in my mind These...

C        G        Am                 C     G     Am
songs of hobbits, dwarves & men, & elves come close your eyes. 
C       G       Em
You can see them, too

             happy metal busking :P
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