• Song:


  • Artist:

    Blind Melon

  • Album:

    Letters From A Porcupin...

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Tom: E5
          E major      A major F#barre   B  A   G     barres
        E5            A5          F#5                      B5         A5     G5            
        I got no fingertips,  they burned away from too many stove trips
        E5             A5        F#5                       B5         A5       G5
        I've got no fingernails,  I ate em' all cause I was hungry as hell
        E5              A5               F#5                  B5  A5      G5         E5
        Can't read can't clear my mind,   so here I go, I gotta get into this lifetime
then just start the riff over, play it a couple of times, then start the second verse.
Verse 2:
        E5                    A5                F#5                   B5        A5        G5
        I think I'm gonna build a fence,   to keep inside what little sense
         E5                 A5               F#5              B5  A5       G5
        Sense of taste,   sense of smell,  sense of sittin' here feelin' like hell
        Feel like hell
play riff once to slow it down on third verse.
Verse 3:
        E5            A5                   F#5                   B5       A5       G5
        The sun, the moon, the stars,   Is that what your thinking that you are
        E5                  A5              F#5                          B5            A5      G5
        As I disintegrate overtime,   If I expect my body to try and keep up with my mind
        Today everything's mine   (repeat 2x)
riff until you want this song to end.
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