• Song:

    Black Rose

  • Artist:

    Blind Zero

  • Album:

    The Night Before And Th...

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this is the cords and tab for this song.

i like to introuduce this song by playing an E cord and muting this right away do this 
4 times and it should sound good

E              A
way down
 in virginia
E                          B
amungst the tall

growed sugar cane
E                     A                          B                E
lived a simple man, a bottle of Gin and that rose of a different name

repeat same chord pattern

hey the first time i felt lightin
i was standin in a drizzlin rain
with a tremblin hand, a bottle of gin and that rose of a different name

E                             A
the devil made me do it the first time
E                             B
the second time i dun it on my own
E                           A                          E
Hey lord put a handle on a simple headed man Help me leave that Black Rose

here is the main instrumental, it sounds a whould lot better i you have anotherperson 
a guitar playing E A B E over and over in rythem


same cord pattern

when the devil made that woman
hey he threw the pattern away
cause she were built for speed with the tools ya need to make a new fool every day

hey way down deep and dirty
on the darkest side of shame
you will find this chain cuttin man doin it again whith that rose of a different name

repeat chouous twice until end and between chourses you may want to do the instrumental 
octave higher or the same as before or you can choose to do it with out the 
either way it sounds awesome
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