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girl in a coat by blitzen trapper
this my 1st tab, hopefully i didn't butcher it too much!
im not 100% sure about the chords in the chorus, but it sounds close to me.
also the riff after Dm isn't perfect

   Dm7   Em7	F#m7

 Riff 1: After Dm in verse strum Dm7, Em7, F#m7;
	 then hit chord each chord once F#m7, Em7, Dm7
	 then back to intro riff.

C* = play c chord w/ hammer on 2 fret D string

Intro riff
G|---0-0----0-0-0------| x 4

Ive (G)traveled the (Em)world and the (C)seven bright (G)seas

For the (Em)keys to these (G)riddles youve (C)lain before (C*)me

Been (G)used and (Em)abused by these (C)lesser (G)deities

For to (Em)ease my (G)disease Im on (C)bended (C*)knee

To my (G)lonely (Em)love the (Am)girl in a (Dm)coat  (riff1) to (intro riff)

I prayed your heart, I danced for rain
Some wise men shepards and Indians came
Been chased and mistreated, and put down to shame
All the same if I bring rain thats the name of the game
To my lonely love the girl in a coat


Cause (C)winter is (G)where she (Em)abides all the (G)while

Her (Am)hillsides are (E)covered in (A)snow    (Dm7)

And (C)summertime (G)sister sends (Em)letters to (G)me

She (Am)speaks with A (E)voice that I (A)know   (Dm7)

(Em7) (F#m7) intro riff
Voice that I know

In a broke down truck, on the edge of this town
With the dusty old world spinning round and round
Been caught, Ive been shot, been buried alive
But thats nothing compared to the look in her eye
To my lonely love the girl in a coat

Repeat chorus, then na na nas with verse chords
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