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Tabbed by: Blitzkid, dude
Written down and thrown up on the site by: Emil Johnsen.
I'll be happy if you mail me at Erotisk_eruption@hotmail.com

Blitzkid - Teenage Necrophilian Love

The song goes in 4/4, and you should play 4 or eight strokes on every chord, depending 
how fast you play, i count it to about four, but eight works when I play it on my room.

So there you go, heavy distortion and treble.
BIG thank you to Blitzkid who sent me these chords, and maybe I'll put upp the picked 

Intro: E C# A B
Verse: E C# A B
Bridge: A B
Chorus: E B A B

Intro E*4 C#*4 A*4 B*4 x2


E                 C#            A                B
I'm lookin' for a date tonight among all the tombstones.

      E               C#                  A                B
In the grimy ground I think I've found a lover to call my own.
    E           C#              A               B
It was getting lonely here maybe I just try to hard,
      E               C#            A              B
But now I've got me a baby and she dwells in the graveyard.


A        B          A             B
With my shovel I'm diggin' up the dead
A            B            A                B
Wrap her up tightly as we become one in my bed.


E     B       A
         B         E
I'm not lonely anymore
  B      A     B
I'm in love with a corpse

Repeat the whole song once, then repeat the solo once, or as many times as you like, but 
play it once I think.

I'm not 100% sure if I put the chords in the right place down at the chorus, but the 
are a 100% sure, I got them from Blitzkid themselves, and i think i placed them correct on 
verse and bridge.

Over and out.

//Emil Johnsen.
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