• Song:

    Blue Light

  • Artist:

    Bloc Party

  • Album:

    Live at Reading

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Blue light very good song by Bloc party this is my first tab i think it sounds like it
so have pity on me BUT for the most part ENJOY :)

after playing this 6 times play this right after the chords
e|--5--|--0--|--2--2|> e|--5-5-5-7-7-10| e|--5-5-5-7-7-10|
b|--5--|--3--|--3--3|  b|--------------|
g|--7--|--4--|--4--4|  g|--------------|
d|--7--|--5--|--5--5|  d|--------------|
a|-----|-----|------|  a|--------------|
e|-----|-----|------|  e|--------------|

HOPE U ENJOYED MY 1st TAB no email adress so just talk to me on UG
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