Blondie - Here's Looking At You (1980)
Written by Debbie Harry & Chris Stein
Chords by Jon Malmin (
Tuning: Standard E

These are the chords for this smooth tune. I play this song by fingering the chords as 
staccatoed fourth notes, using all fingers except the pinky. To see the chord positions, look
at the bottom of the tab. Use a jazzy amp setting, and listen to the song to learn!

Intro (you can just strum these as regular chords):
A                                       Am
As I sit staring into this liquid amber, ripples move out to the edge of the glass.
Is that really your reflection in there?
C#m                                        F#7                             D
I just want to jump into the warm depths and be there with you,one more time!
Oh, alright
G         B
...............Hit it boys!

(Now, start using the barred chords shown below the tab)
E                               Ab
My initials sprayed across the pavement
C#m                           A
Cut into your private interview
E                C#m
Talk to me now, step into my room
F#                     B
We'll have a word or two
E                        Ab
If I ever had a million dollars
C#m                         A
If I didn't give it all to you
Would you lose interest?
Show me indifference?
A         B          E
Foot in another shoe?

A                   Am                    E     E7  
Not very high heels, not wearing sneakers too
A              Am
A magazine ad, a printed canvas
F#      D7         G            B
A basic new shade blue suede shoe

E                                 Ab
Thought I'd like to have a little party
C#m                               A
Thought I'd like to have a little do
E                       C#m
Sure I stopped drinking but for the moment
A              B          E
Honey, here's looking at you

Instrumental section:
A-A-A  Am-Am-Am  Abm-Abm-Abm  Abm-Abm-Abm

A-A-A  Am-Am-Am  F#-F#-F#  B-B-B

E-E-E-E  Ab-Ab-Ab-Ab  C#m-C#m-C#m-C#m  A-A-A-A

E-E-E-E  C#m-C#m-C#m-C#m  A-A-B-B E-E-E-E

A                     Am                   E      E7
I'll stop my drinking, give you my promise true
A                    Am
Clean out the closet, be existential
F#         D7           G            B 
And cast a vote for the president too

E                          Ab
But for the action of the moment
C#m                           A
Nothing does what it ought to do
E                   C#m
Instant depression, I learned my lesson
A                B         E
Nothing that I'd rather do
Come on over my place
Can't see him sideways
A              B         E
Honey, here's looking at you

E:      Ab:     C#m:    A:      Am:     B:      E7:
x7999x  4x654x  x4665x  5x765x  5x755x  7x987x  x7979x

F#:     D7:     G:      E6/9:
2x432x  x5453x  3x543x  x7667x
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