• Song:

    Hit 'em up

  • Artist:

    Blu Cantrell

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While he was schemin'
I was beamin' in the beener, just beemin'
Can't believe that I caught my man cheatin'
So I found another way to make him
Pay 4 it all
So I went to Neiman-Marcus
On a shoppin' spree
And on the way I grabbed Sole and Mia
And as the cashbox rang
I thought everything away

Oops, there gos the dreams we used 2 say
Oops, there gos the times we spent away
Oops, there gos the love I had
But u cheated on me 
And thats 4 that now
Oops, there gos the house we made our home
Oops ther gos
You'll never leave me alone
Oops all of the lies u told
This is what u owed
Hey ladies, when ya man wanna get buck wild
Just go back and hit em' up style
Get ya hands on his cash
And spend it 2 the last dime
For all the hard times
Oh, when u go then everything goes
From the crib 2 the ride and the clothes 
So u better let em' know that if u mess up
U gotta hit em' up

While he was braggin'
I was comin down the hill just a-draggin'
All his pictures and his clothes in a bag
Sold everything else
'Til there was just nothing left
And I paid all the bills about a month 2 late
Its a shame we have 2 play these ganes
The love we had just fade away (away)

All the dreams u sold
Left me out in the cold
What happened 2 the days 
When we used 2 trust each other
And all of the things I sold
Will take u until u get old
2 get em' back without me
'Cos revenge is better than money, u c

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