• Song:

    Mountain Acoustic

  • Artist:

    Blue October

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                             Mountain - Blue October
Tabbed by:Kyle

Tuning: standard

Ok so this song is really simple but since there was no tabs on it, i thought that i might as well tab it.

So all the intro is, is these chords in two different strumming patterns.

D A D G 

then the songs just does this over and over

If I can?t be a brave boy
A                D                G
Jumping off of a head of a mountain
And then I wonder why the thought of it
Brings me to the edge of my bed
If I can?t tell the difference between a water fall and a fountain
Is it the way you looked at me 
Then moment I said
That I can sit here waiting for hours on your arrival
I could sit here for days waiting for you to come out and play
I could die in a minute and the one chance for survival
Would be the sound of your beautiful name
And if I cried would you hold me
And softly whisper everything is ok
Because I live to breathe the sky that hangs high above you
And the tears that I had before you 
Will simply say that I love you
That I love you

the patterns are easy to figure out yourself
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