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From etlnbb@etlxdmx.ericsson.se Sat Jun 18 05:13 CDT 1994
From: etlnbb@etlxdmx.ericsson.se ( neil bergin xd/gk)
Date: Sat, 18 Jun 94 11:13:59 BST
To: jcarson@tivoli.com
Subject: TAB: Astronomy - Blue Oyster Cult

Posted by: Ed Tidwell  ()

Here is Astronomy for you Blue Oyster Cult fans. (Older version off Album 3)

h = hammer on
p = pull off
O = Open


Intro to Astronomy : Song is in the Key of G
                                                       Softly strumming Up/Down

No chord                                               Em EmEm Em EmEm 


    Em                       D                C      Bm             Em
The clock strikes twelve and moon drops burst out of you from their hiding

            Em                 D                  C      Bm       Em 
place. Like acid and oil on a mad man's face, his reason tends to fly away.

     C                   G                C                 B           Em
Like lesser birds on the four winds; like silver scrapes in May.    And now

            D              C       Bm       Em
the sands become a crust.  Most of you have gone away.

Note: The way I play the Em chord ( the others are played similarly ) is

to play like an arpeggio ie.: Hold the Em chord O22OOO and play the B 

note (5th str. 2nd fret) then the E (6th open) the B again with the

E optional (4th str. 2nd fret) and then strum the Em chord up (or down.)

using the first 3 strings in the open position while ringing the bass notes.

Second small leads (pull off 7to5 if you prefer)

           D       C                E         D       C           D

Chords not individual notes ( optional Em C D using open string strums ) 
alternate up and down strumming.

Em(7th fret bar)    C (3rd fret bar)   D (5th fret bar)   Em (7th fret)

  Hey!                                 Hey!

Repeat and play a Em blues scale over the chord progression above. Note that
the song is in the Key of G but E runs work well and y'know the mixylodian
scales that Buck uses. Modify the E blues scales to your liking as best
you can and also play parts of the lead parts shown above to get the sound.

For the lead parts try the 3rd run of E blues scales on the 5th fret.

Happy playing.
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