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    Hasnt Hit Me Yet

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    Blue Rodeo

Artist: Blue Rodeo
Song: Hasnt Hit Me Yet
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>From the CD, "Five Days In July" - 1993, Blue Rodeo Productions/WEA
Written by Greg Keelor and Jim Cuddy.
Published by Thunderhawk Music and Home Cooked Music.

Capo 2nd fret.  The end of the chorus is different each time through, so
follow the directions given in brackets.

INTRO:  |D   |D   |Em   |C
        |D   |D   |Em   |C

|G       |G              |D         |D
...  You say that you're leaving
          |Em     |Em    |C        |C
Well that comes as no surprise
|G           |G              |D       |D
...  Still I kinda like this feeling
   |Em     |Em         |C    |G/B   |A      |A      |A     |A
Of be - ing... left be-hi -   i   - ind
(go to verse 2)

|G    |G                |D         |D
...   This ain't nothin new to me
          |Em     |Em     |C      |C
Well it's just like going home
|G         |G               |D         |D
...   It's kinda like those sunsets
     |Em                |Em
That leave you feeling
   |C    |G/B   |A      |A      |A     |A
So sto -  o  -  oned
(go to chorus with ending 1)

|Em       |G             |D            |A
...  Hey, hey I guess it hasn't hit me yet
|Em                 |G               |D            |A
...  I fell through this crack and I kinda lost my head
|Em          |G           |D               |A
...  I stand transfixed before this street light
|Em               |G
...  Watching the snow fall on this
ENDING 1: |D   |A
          Co - old December
          |D   |D   |Em  |C      |D   |D   |Em  |C
          Night                  (go to verse 3)

ENDING 2: |D   |A
          Co - old December
          |D     |D    |Em    |C
          Night               (go to instrumental) 

INSTRUMENTAL:  |G  |G  |D  |D    |Em  |Em  |C  |C
               |G  |G  |D  |D    |Em  |Em  |C  |G/B
               |A  |A  |A  |A
(go back into chorus and play ending 3)

ENDING 3:   |D            |A
            Cold December night
            |Em            |G
            And out in the middle of
                    |D       |A     |A     |A     |A
            Lake On-ta - r-i-o
(go to outro)


I never thought this could happen
But somehow the feeling's gone
You got sick of the patterns
And I got lost in this song
(go to chorus with ending 2)

OUTRO:  |Em              |G
        The same snow is falling
        |Em                |G
        On the deep silent water
        |Em            |G
        The great dark wonder
        |Em      |D          |A        |A
        Into the waves of my heart
        |Em      |D          |A        |A
        Into the waves of my heart
              |D    |D    |Em   |C
        Of my heart
        |D     |D    |Em\  |C\ G/B\ |D/A\

( "\" in last line indicates one single strum of chord )

D  =  xx0232   Em  =  022000
C  =  x32010   D/A =  x00232
G  =  320001   G/B =  x20001
A  =  x02220

There is a special way to play the two consecutive bars of "D" in the
"D-D-Em-C" sequence (in the intro and at the end of the chorus and outro).
Just listen to the intro and you'll hear what I mean.  It sometimes comes
across in a subtle way in the verses.  There is a similar but again subtle
effect in the four bars of "A" found at the end of the verses.  Once you
understand the concept for playing it in "D", you can do the same thing with
the "A" chord if you like the sound of it.  It's the classic Blue Rodeo
technique of playing around with suspended chords.  Just vary the fingering
between D [xx0232], D2 [xx0230], and D4 [xx0233].  Here it is:

     *   *   *
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