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words and music by Michael Seibt

Capo 2.

    Am                                 F
How many years have been gone ? since we have seen last time
   Am                                    F
It must have been in another life ? when I thought you were mine
    C                                   G
We were so free, we were beautiful ? I sang it in all my songs
      Am                                      F                  Am
Everything we did was all the best ? we were rockin? and rollin? on

I keep a picture in my foto-box ? its colours has faded to Grey
We stood there over the roofs of Rome ? on an evening in May
Back home again the wind began to change ? all the good things fell apart
You made new planes and searched new ways ? and you left me with a broken

The times have changed, you?re another one.
There is nothing that could be done.
So let me pay the final bill
     E                     E7     
And say forever ?Fare thee well?  
The times have changed you?re another one
There is nothing that could be done
So let me pay the final bill
     E           Break                Am
And say forever ?         ?Fare thee well?

I met you in the second class ? of the night-express to Rome
A laptop stood in front of you ? next to it your phone
You said ?Time is money and time is cash. ? The big wheel is turning around!?
Then you lightened another cigarette ? and the train made his grumblin? sound

Now we?re sitting here in this station-bar ? the neon-light?s shining too
There?s nothing left for us to say ? we?re staring out in the night
?Do I still figure in your life?? ? there?s no need that the question is
the answer is easy, there?s no doubt ? it is hidden behind your mask.


Ending: Am

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