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words and music by Michael Seibt

 D                   Hm     F#m7
When my train rolled in one day
    D      Hm            F#m7
It was the end of a long way
G        G           Em
It felt like coming home
 G          G                 A
Even 'though everything was unknown

 D    F#    G        G             A
Slow train, I went away without a word
 D    F#     G          G            A7
Slow train, one way, I never will return

I'd started five days ago
From a place I better wouldn't know
I left all that I had got behind
For the luck that I hoped to find


Somewhere soft green hills were passing by
Above a grey and milky sky
I passed stations no one seemed to need
While the wheels grumbled 'neath my feed


Crossing the mountains I fell asleep
I don't know how long I'd counted the sheeps
I spent the minutes, hours and miles
By dreaming of the promissed better times


When I left the station stepping out on the place
A bright sun was shining in my face
And all the clouds that had occupied my brain
Seemed to be washed away by a hard rain

one way, I never will return
one way, I never will return

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