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Take the road to somewhere
words and music by Michael Seibt

Take the road to somewhere

Am            F           G              Am    Am
Yesterday is far away, tomorrow`s just ahead
Am                F            G              C   C
Need a place for calming down and to free my head
   F               F                   C        Am   Am
I wanna leave the treadmill I`ve been in day by day
   Am           G                 Am     Am
I need another place, where I can stay

The smell of twenty cigarettes is hanging in the air
Something in my head is hammering, but I do not care
The bottle of vodka is drained to the dregs
And I must get some things off my chest

      C                G       G
I`ll take the road to somewhere
  C        C          G       G
Leave the city far behind
       C                G        G
Gonna take the road to somewhere
  C              D                 G
Searching for a shrine I`ll never find

Last week I plunked it all. You didn`t understand
But there were so many times I`d missed a helping hand
Sleapless nights full of anger and full of fear
It`s time to give it up, my dear


If you like then wait for me. If not, it`ll be okay
May be this will be the prize, that I`ll have to pay
The suitcase packed, the tank`s refilled and soon the sun will rise
And I feel that I will stay alive


Ending: G

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