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From: mattb5@aol.com (MattB5)
Date: 9 Jun 1995 22:26:19 -0400
Subject: CRD:  Letter From a Friend - Blues Traveller

Please let me know on any corrections/suggestions etc.  thanks  :)

Letter From a Friend                                Blues Traveller

Intro:  | G /  /  / | D / C(9) / :||

G                          D              C(9)
Never a day goes by when I can't see his face
G                                      D               C(9)
And I can hear a thundering voice that no one will replace
G                                            D             C(9)
But since he left you've been hiding out and I can't understand
G                                             D            C(9)
It seems to me about that time you should be coming back again

C(9)           G/B        Gm/Bb     A
I can feel the pain that won't go away
C(9)                   G/B               A             D
We can't change that he left us but it's up to you to stay

C(9)                        G
And I will make sense of it all
C(9)                           G
Gonna try to make sense of it all
C(9)                                  G
You ask me why, 'cause it's all I can do
           C(9)           A          D
I miss him every day but now I miss you

I know it hurts right now but you've got to keep moving on
And I know how good it can feel when you're safe and withdrawn
But he can live in a memory and you don't yet have that choice
'Cause you're still here and to speak to me you're gonna have to
     use your voice

I ain't telling you what's right
And I ain't telling you what's wrong
But it's he who has died
And it's you who has gone



G                                   D                *D
I know you're thinking now you must go through this alone
          Am           D
But it's time to come home


CHORUS to fade

* listen to the song for this, it differs from the other verses

Chords used:  C(9)- x32033   G - 320033       D - xx0232

              G/B - x20033   Gm/Bb - x10033   A - x02220
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