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RAPHAEL - Hugh Blumenfeld
From "Mozart's Money"

       Am               F            Am              F
In the cool hour of the evening, the garden gold and breathing
   Am          F         C              G
My lover at my hand, Two virgins in the land
    Am            F       C                G
and angels on the wing, descending as they sing,
     Am F C  G     Am  F  C  G
"Raphael, oh   Raphael"

O how it made you warm to see my lover's form
Who'd think a human touch could make an angel blush
and you'd leave grudgingly as if you envied me,

You'd linger just to talk for hours as we'd walk
Your feet burned on the hills -- you never had your fill
Was it you who brought us fire on your wings of desire,

Bridge: Bm G (repeat)

And when the earth grew cold the vision would not hold
heaven closed its doors we never see you anymore
and our voices fill the air like a table or a chair,

But I swear there's still an ember of paradise remembered
a certain shade of blue the nakedness we knew
and I wonder if you keep the feel of grass beneath your feet
and when you seraphim embrace now, does the blood rise in your face

Oh, Raphael, Raphael.


Copyright 1995, Hugh Blumenfeld / Hydrogen Jukebox Music
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