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Blur - 1992 (13/1999)
Tabbed by : Willdo89 (william-dorgere@wanadoo.fr)
Tuning : standard

1992 is a strange song. The first time I heard, I thought it was a dull and boring tune.
it's in fact what is called a "grower". When you start to listen carefully to the song,
can't help the feeling of being carried away by this foggy and messy melody. In fact, 
bassline is the melody, while Coxon experiments new sounds that reminds me of something
a gigantic tidal wave (espacially near the end). It's both fascinating and freightning.

> There's only one bass guitar riff, which is played during the whole song.


Here it is. Not really sure about the "9--9-9-7" part, but anyway, it sounds great. Feel
to play some variations. It's a great riff to jam on, especially if you are a Ed
Greenwood wannabe or simply some kind of mad scientist with a guitar in his hands :p I 
like Alex James, he's a great bass guitar player. He wrote awesome basslines such as Girls
Boys, For Tomorrow, Oily Water or Beetlebum, and it sometimes reminds me of Paul 
mainly when he was in the Beatles.

Play !
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