• Song:

    Girl Of The North Country

  • Artist:

    Bob Dylan

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This is an amazing song that's been covered countless times. The best way to play
this song is to finger pick through the lower strings with an up-down pattern as
you occasionaly hit the bass notes in the chords. Listen to the song if you don't
understand exactly what I'm talking about.

Girl of The North Country
By: Bob Dylan

C (2 fr.):x54030

C (2 fr.)                        C            G     C/G  G
If you're traveling in the north country fair
C (2 fr.)                             C      G    C/G  G
Where the wind hits heavy on the borderline        
Em             C             G      C/G  G
Remember me to one who lives there        
C (2 fr.)           C            G    C/G  G
She once was a true love of mine
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