• Song:

    Depth Of Mercy

  • Artist:

    Bob Kauflin

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Depth Of Mercy Chords by Bob Kauflin

Depth Of Mercy
Bob Kauflin, Charles Wesley

Key: D
Verse 1:
D2             Bm7
Depth of mercy can there be
G2           A7sus4  A
Mercy reaching even me
 D2               Bm7
God the Just His wrath forbears
G2              Asus4 A   D
Me the chief of sinners spares
   Bm            E7/G#
So many times my heart has strayed
 G        F#m     Em     Asus4 A
From His kind and perfect ways
Bm              E7/G#
Making clear my desperate need
Em7     F#m          G  A     D2  G2
For His blood poured out for me

Verse 2:
Give me grace Lord let me own
All the wrongs that I have done
Let me now my sins deplore
Look to You and sin no more
There for me the Savior stands
Holding forth His wounded hands
Scars which ever cry for me
Once condemned but now set free
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