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From: photog451@aol.com (Photog 451)
Subject: crds for "Wishing Well" by Bob Mould

Here's a shot at the chords of "Wishing Well" by Bob Mould off a "live"
It has some serious problem just before the last verse that will need to
be cleaned up and some help with it would be greatly appreciated.

Capo 4th fret

intro 4x:  Em G A5

Em                     A5
Wishing well runs wet and dry
C                 G6                  Em
I wish for things I never had
Em                                   A5                 C              G6
Surronds and wells up in my eyes the screaming voice, it lies
Em                   A5
Wishing well get's someones' attention
C              G6              Em
Every wish you ever had
Em                         A5
In a day of nights, in the darkest of light
C                 G6                    Em
Sits and cries, watch the lies
G                                            G/B
Could you give me a wish if I tell you what I want?
C                    Em
Will the price be no object?
I wish for dreams of light
I live for wishing well suprise
Em   G    A5
Wishing Well
Em       G          A5
Ohh, Wishing Well

(The rest of the verse and chorus is the same, but the solo or bridge
before the last verse is a little confusing for me. HELP!)

Deepest light, the secret lies
Wishing well gives you all that you desire
Homes and trains, and the greenest of plains
That you ever happened upon
The silent wish, it calls you out
Calls you out by name
Lays upon the plain, on the mountain high
city lights, wish delights

What if the waters and wishes appear?
Will the price be no object?
I wish for dreams of light I live for wishing well suprise

(Here's my problem area)
Twist and shape on the winding twine
Around the spindle winds
Wish again, four times againFour wishes deep into the well

There's a price you pay for a wish to come true
Trade a small piece of your life
Roots the soil, uprooting the soil
Mountain high, the mountains high
The wish is only to speak a kind
Kind of word, so benign absurd
The well, three wishes run dry
Wishing well is dry
When no grass grows, the weeds run in line
Wish three wishes, three wishes run dry
Four wishes deep into the well

Good luck, and look forward to input on correctness of whats here.

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