• Song:

    Come On This Shit Is Getting Ridiculous

  • Artist:

    Bomb The Music Industry

I usually play the G and A as bar chords and it sounds like Jeff plays it that way 
too.   This song's off of the Others! Others! compilation.

Intro 2x
D   Emin7   Bm9    G 

D             Emin7            Bm9
I've seen the light and it's a Wal-Mart
G                                 D
setting fires in our stupid hearts.
        Emin7          Bm9
T-Minus one month is a late start.
G                                    A
We'll spend the year in preparation.
                          D            Bm9              A
What do we celebrate if a holiday lasts three months?
                                D              Bm9
And will there come a time when we stop having seasons
and it's just you and me in a store

exchanging fucking cards?

D                Bm9
The house is on fire.
            Em9              G
We left the lights on way too long.
              D         Bm9
One dull flame burns perpetually
       Em9               G
and we watch it blaze unexcited
'cause we know nothing else
                           D                  Bm9
lest we not participate in Presidents' Day promotions.
And if we subsist on the absence of gifts then
  D                 Bm9
resistance is now a selfish emotion.
Better sing those P-Day carols on and on and on and on...

Na na na nas
D   Em9   F#   G

Bm9            A
You and me on a couch

Watching Oprah
Clipping coupons.
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