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Tabbed by: tyloraw@yahoo.com

This is a cover of an Okkervil River song done by Bon Iver.
I got most of it from the video.
Its super easy to figure out off of the actual video but figured I'd help out whoever couldn't.

The video is located here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gm7Z6rksCuU

Chords used are:

       F     C  G/Gadd11  Am    Dm     Em

Intro - F, C, F, C, G/Gadd11 (X2)

F              C F          C
They're waiting  to hate you

F                  C   G/Gadd11
So give them an excuse

F            C F             C
They say that  it changed you

F            C                 G/Gadd11
But I know that can't be true

Am            F            C                G/Gadd11
I came in the entrance the makeup girl went through

Am                F    C                  G/Gadd11
And waited for ages, I waited there for you

Am          F                C      G/Gadd11
Hats off to my distant hope

Am            F                 C      G/Gadd11
I'm held back by a velvet rope

Dm            Am   G/Gadd11
And he's behind the wall

Dm                Am            G/Gadd11
the smoke machine has made between us

Dm                  Am            G/Gadd11
And if he does exist, if camera clicking, green room guests swirl

Dm          Am         F             Em
'round the man whose real life can be touched

F              G
Then I will do just that much

(Then from there he goes to a little picking part for almost the rest of the song. And I 
this is about right.
Pretty close at least. I hear a few variations every once in awhile but I think most of 
guys should be able to figure them out.)

G|------0-------0-----0-----------|  (x2)

D|------- 2--------2----2------|

^^^ I know at the end of this I'm missing a part, just haven't tabbed it out yet.

(Accompanying Vocals keep repeating)
Hats off my distant

(Justin Vernon)
A little lie, a puff of smoke
My street tonight's on fire with hope
You'll be there, you'll see us
I've got my ear against the screen
I'll feel your feelings crackling
For every single inch of me, I'm going to make you mean it


F                    C            G/Gadd11
With every single cell of me, I'm going to make you mean the words you sigh

And there it is, Bon Iver's Cover of an amazing Okkervil River song done even more 
by the man himself Justin Vernon.
This is my first Chord/Tab, so constructive feedback is always a plus,
but on this I mean it was pretty easy. Hope it helps someone out there!
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