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Bon Iver, "Perth"
Tab by bsw111 on ultimate-guitar.com

This interview with Spin shows Justin Vernon playing the main guitar part of
Perth (starts at about 5:00):


This tuning and this guitar part look and sound to me like what's being played
in the interview:

Tuning (open D9):    Capo fifth fret:

d                    g
a                    d
E                    A
E                    A
A                    D
D                    G

Alternatively, this tuning is closer to what Justin Vernon tweeted on 1 June
2011 (EBD#F#BE):

Tuning (open E9):    Capo third fret:

e                    g
b                    d
F#                   A
F#                   A
B                    D
E                    G

(I personally cannot figure out how to play Perth with a guitar tuned

I've included some notes below the tab of the main part that describe which
fingers Justin Vernon appears to be using to be using in the Spin video.

Fingerings are relative to capo. Let almost all notes ring.

Main part:

g  --------------------------------------------------------0----0---------|
d  ---------------------------0----------------0-----------2h4b(5)p4p2p0--|
A  ---------0h2-----------2h4---4------------4----------------------------|
A  ---------0-------------0------------------0----------------------------|
D  --0------0------x------------------x------x----------------------------|
G  --0------0------2------------------4------4----------------------------|

     1      2      3      4           1      2      3      4
            index  thumb    hammer    ring
                            on with

Loud part (starting at 2:32, rhythm not shown):

g  ------------------------------------------|
d  -----------------------0--0----------0----|
A  --9------4------9------4--2----------0h2--|
A  --10-----5------9------0--0----------0----|
D  --9------4------7-------------0------0----|
G  --9------4------7-------------0------0----|
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