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Bonnie McKee
I Hold Her
Submitted by: paramore_fans@yahoo.com

Key: E

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
E -    022100
B -    x24442
C#m -  x46654
A -    x02220
B/D# - x698xx
E/G# - 476xxx
F#m -  244222

Intro: E-B/Eb-A-- x2

Verse 1:
   E (022100@1)       B/D#Smokey (x2544x@1)is my apple
    AAnd (x02220@1)green are my eyes
E (022100@1)        B/D#Silent (x2544x@1)is snowfall
  AI (x02220@1)whispher goodbye
    C#m (x13321@4)       BFarewell (x2444x@1)to the child
     AThat (x02220@1)I use to be
  EI (022100@1)hold her she's
B (x2444x@1)        A (x02220@1)name="chord_143121@4">E/G# F#m (244222@1)name="chord_022100@1">E
sobbing My baby

Interlude: E-F#m-A--A(hold)

Verse 2:
    E (022100@1)          BThe (x2444x@1)wolf and the lion
     AHave (x02220@1)asked me to play
       EThough (022100@1)she told me
B (x2444x@1)      Anot (x02220@1)to I went anyway
  C#m (x13321@4)   BA (x2444x@1)pile of matches
    AThe (x02220@1)truth at my feet
  EI (022100@1)hold her she's
B (x2444x@1)        Asobbing (x02220@1)My baby

    C#m (x13321@4)       BThe (x2444x@1)cream in my tea
           ASpells (x02220@1)out something
   E (022100@1)         Ato (x02220@1)me And they say
That I'll heal by the day
        C#m (x13321@4)     BBut (x2444x@1)the message I give
          A (x02220@1)         EKills (022100@1)off all will to live
     AI'm (x02220@1)afriad that I'm losing my way

Post Chorus: Whoa
E-B-A-- x2 C#m-B-A--E-B-A--A(hold)

Verse 3:
E (022100@1)        B/D#Burning (x2544x@1)in heaven
   AMy (x02220@1)destiny lies
     E (022100@1)          B/D#When (x2544x@1)she read my stars
           AShe (x02220@1)didn't mention that night
  C#m (x13321@4)        BI (x2444x@1)loved you my Bambi
  AI (x02220@1)don't want to leave
      EBut (022100@1)I hold her
      B (x2444x@1)        A (x02220@1)name="chord_143121@4">E/G# F#m (244222@1)name="chord_022100@1">E
she's sobbing My baby

  E (022100@1)            BI (x2444x@1)hold her she's sobbing
  AI (x02220@1)hold her she's sobbing
  EI (022100@1)hold her she's
B          A   E-B-A--C#m-B/Eb-A--
sobbing My baby

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