• Song:

    Thinking Of You

  • Artist:

    Bonnie Pink

  • Album:

    Thinking Of You

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Bonnie Pink
Thinking of you
submitted by: n2sed_182@yahoo.com
Tuning: Drop D aka DADGBe

You can also play in on standard EADGBe but you are obliged to tune your guitar to drop
becasue to get the low key D# or Eb.

e|6th string----------|
B|5th string----------|
G|4th string----------|THE GUITAR BODY IN THIS SECTION
D|3rd string----------|
A|2nd string----------|
E|1st string----------|

Before the song starts, I'm going to explain to you how to tune your guitar in Drop D
vice versa. You should listen carefully for you're able to play this song. Tuning fro
EADGBe to Drop D is very simple, you only need to tune the 1st string of your guitar, 
remaining strings are still the same, don't tune them.

Steps in Tuning your guitar from Standard EADGBe to Drop D

1.) Loosen the 1st string of your guitar. the Bass E, the tip above
2.) when loosen, the tune must be equal to the 3rd string D but it's octave must me
Just loosen it until they are equal. When it sounded lower or excessed, tightened it, they
sound excact.
3.) When the 1st string and 3rd string are equal in tune, It means that your guitar
is already in Drop D.

What are the advantages in Drop D tuning?

1.) Power chords are easier to strum
2.) You can do more riffs that isn't able in standard
3.) This tuning is great for the person who has a small hands especially in doing power chords
4.) You can play the low octave D and D# or Eb.

Steps in Tuning back your Dropped D guitar to standard EADGBe

1.) Tighten the 1st string of your guitar, the Bass E, the tip above
2.) When tighten, compare it to the 3rd string D. On 3rd string D, put any of your
at 2nd fret, it should sound E. Compare the both strings, pluck them one by one. Tighten the
string until it sound the same as 3rd string in 2nd fret. When it sounded higher or 
loosen it, they should sound excact.
3.) When the 1st string and 3rd string on 2nd fret are equal in tune, It means that your
tuning is already in Standard EADGBe.

Take note that D# and Eb are the same as well as
G#=Ab, A#=Bb, C#=Db

Chords used in Drop D tuning for this song
D#5 -  111xxx
G5  -  555xxx
C5  -  x355xx or 10-10-10-x-x-x
F#5 -  444xxx
F5  -  333xxx
E5 -   222xxx
G#5 -  666xxx
A#5 -  x133xx or 888xxx
A5  -  x022xx or 777xxx
D#M7 - 110xxx
G#M7 - 665xxx
B5   - x244xx
A%   - x0x44x
C#5  - x466xx or 11-11-11-x-x-x

Chords used in Standard EADGBe for this song
D# -   xx1343 or xxx343 or x65343 or x68886
G  -   355433 or 320033
Cm -   x35543
F# -   244322
F -    133211
E -    022100
G# -   466544
A# -   x13331 or 688766
A  -   x02220
D#M7 - xx1333 or xxx333 or x65333 or x68786
G#M7 - 465544
B    - x24432
A%   - x0x44x
C#   - x46654

Tuning Drop D

Verse 1:
D#5 (xx134x@1)           G5A-----tarashii (355xxx@1)asa
        C5 (x355xx@1)             F#5 (244xxx@1)  F5 (133xxx@1)   E5Shiroi (022xxx@1)iki to kuroku nureta hitomi samayou
D#5 (xx134x@1)          G5mou (355xxx@1)ikanakucha to
          F#5 (244xxx@1)            A#5 (x133xx@1)     A%
Sei ippai mae muki na egao de okuridasou

G#M7                  D#M7 (x3131x@4) G#M7
soba ni iru dake ja mienai mono
                            D#M7hanareteite (x3131x@4)mo wakariaeru koto
 C5 (x355xx@1)    B5A% (x244xx@1)                 F#5 (244xxx@1)          Fonaji (133211@1)tsuki onaji sora no shita de matte iru wa
         E5  D#M7-G#M7-D#M7-G#M7
Thinking of  you

Verse 2
D#5 (xx134x@1)            G5A-----tarashii (355xxx@1)yoru
          C5 (x355xx@1)             F#5Taiyou (244xxx@1)ga noboru mae ni denwa shite
F5 (133xxx@1)    E5 (022xxx@1) D#5 (xx134x@1)           G5kimi (355xxx@1)no koto kan----gaeteita yo
         F#5 (244xxx@1)            A#5 (x133xx@1)        A%
Sou itte atatamete kono yami ga tokeru you

(Repeat Chorus except last line)

         E5Thinking (022xxx@1)of you

C5 (x355xx@1)          B5A% (x244xx@1)  Arukidasu koto wa toki ni zankoku de
C5 (x355xx@1)             B5A% (x244xx@1)  Natsu no owari mi-tai
     C5 (x355xx@1)          B5 (x244xx@1)A%
Bake-shon no ato no Genjitsu wa
  C#5 (x133xx@4)                          A#5Yakedo (x133xx@1)shita hada ni mizu wo sasu

(Repeat Chorus)

Thinking of you

C5 (x355xx@1)          B5A% (x244xx@1)  Todokanai koto wa toki ni yuuutsu de
C5 (x355xx@1)             B5A% (x244xx@1)  Yume ga sameru mi-tai
           C5 (x355xx@1)     B5A% (x244xx@1)Demo kitto yuru ga nai seijitsu ga
 C#5 (x133xx@4)                           A#5Atarashii (x133xx@1)futari no asa wo terasu

(Repeat Chorus)

D#M7-G#M7 Until fade out

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