• Song:

    Good Enough

  • Artist:

    Bonnie Raitt

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From: Otto Marten 
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Subject: CRD: Bonnie Raitt

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Good Enough

as recorded by Bonnie Raitt

1                         6dom7
The first time I brot you home
                      1           6dom7
My mama said he ain^?t good enuff
        1                   6dom7
I don^?t want my girl to be alone
                   1           6dom7
But I wonder is he good enuff
B7                  4dom9
I-I-I was doin some worryin too
And I was thinkin thinkin
5dom7               1     6dom7  1  6dom7
Am I good enuff for you

The first time that I loved you
I know it was a little rough
But when at last we were still
You asked was it good enuff
And I cried and looked in your eyes of blue
Cause I been prayin prayin
5dom7                1    6dom7
I was good enuff for you
               1    6dom7
Good enuff for you

Now I got to set your mind at ease
Got to stop your insecurities
Cause if anything
|4          1       |2dom7
 You^?re too good for me

Now it^?s strange how time^?s gone by
Since the day I fell in love
And still some times we gotta ask ourselves
Was it good enuff
And time is bound to make us see
Just how good
5dom7          1     6dom7
Good enuff can be
               1     6dom7
Good enuff can be
                   1      6dom7
Good enuff for you baby
               1   6dom7
Good enuff for me

[Number system for any key: in C, 1=C, 2=D-, 3=E-, etc.]
[Bass notes are key scale numbers: in C, 1=C, 2=D, 3=E, etc.]
[Number in parens = vocal notes from key scale: in C, 1=C, 2=D, 3=E,

| = bar line; / = play same as previous chord
No bar line = chord gets entire measure's time
Within bar lines chords divide measure accordingly
/^/ = split the beat (ex.:  /^G7 )

transcribed by OtMan Otto Marten marten@sky.net
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