• Song:

    Three Time Loser

  • Artist:

    Bonnie Raitt

  • Album:

    Road Tested (disc 1)

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Date: Sun, 3 May 1998 18:46:45 -0700 (PDT)
From: Megan Moore 
Subject: r/raitt_bonnie/three_time_loser.crd

Here are the chords to Bonnie Raitt's "Three Time
Loser" from the "Road tested" album.  A great concert

Intro chords: D  E  A (repeat) then B7

        E7 (020130@1)                           B7Verse: (x21202@1)How many teardrops  gonna fall tonight

E7 (020130@1)                              B7How (x21202@1)many heartaches  can a woman have in one life

                  F# (244322@1)          G#mBridge: (133111@4)I lost a lover  lost a friend

              F# (244322@1)               E7through (020130@1)with love  I just can't win

          B7 (x21202@1)           E7 (020130@1)B7 (x21202@1)       E7Chorus: (020130@1) Three time loser   three time loser

Verse2: How many hours, your love I'm gonna wait?
How many heartaches you really think I'm gonna take?

Bridge2: I lost a lover, lost a friend, You were that
kind, whoa You will never win.

then chorus....

E7 (020130@1)        B7 (x21202@1)             E7One (020130@1) two  three  in   misery

B7 (x21202@1)               F# (244322@1)Bridge chords during the solo.... then the
chorus...and the ending chords are A7 Bb7 B7...

B7: x24242 or x21202 or 797877
E7: 022130 or x79797
F#: 244322
G#m: 466444
A7: x02020 or 575655
Bb7: x13131 or 686566

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