• Song:

    Paper Moon

  • Artist:

    Booka Shade

  • Album:

    GPMCD006 - Movements

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standard tuning

part 1:

G ----------------    ----------------     -----------------|
D ----------------    ----01--1-------     -----------------|
A ----56--6--3---- or ---1-----113---- or  ----56--6113-----|
E --36-----66-3---    --3---------3---     --36--------3----|

don't say i didn't give you any options :)
if you play with no effects you might consider playing it with palmmute
think it sounds better.

it's the same throughout the whole song
but there's a little 'breakdown' part at 3:12 where
you play

G --------------------------------------------------------|
D --------------------------------------------------------|
A ----56666-----56666----56666----------------------------|
E --36--------36-------36---------------------------------|

at the last time another bass kicks in with the first part
and that keeps going till the end

if you think this is wrong
drop me a line at bartdehouwer@msn.com
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