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intro:   B    A 

B                                  A
no time is better , is better than other
B                                A
and nobody town is your kind of town,
B                                        A
they scared of you ,and you are scared of them
B                              A
but don't be afraid to be yourself
A             F#
in this small town...
B                            A
picture yourself ,grabbing a baloom
B                              A
y going to ... to the perfect day
B                  A
but dont afraid to go ,
B                                    F#
i'll be around with you in this long road...

D                         G
...this the ballad of a broken heart
D                      G
this the story of my 20 years old !!!

this is the ballad of...

...im talking about me,

you got a choose better ,you got it .(many times).
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