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(riff A )

E | ----------------------------------------------------2- | 
B | -12-----------------------------------7-------------3- | 
G | ---12-(b9)-----(b9)----------12-11-(b9)-----(b9)---(b9)-----0-2- | 
D | --------12-----(b9)12--------------12 9 10-10-10-(b9)0---- | 
A | ------------------------------------------------------ | 
E | ------------------------------------------------------ | 

G   D
I...I stand on my own
And wonder if you've ever been alone
With all the world around you
G    D
Say the word, I'd be there
And like a fool, I'd go anywhere
   D  A
Just like the day I found you

Tell me what you see
Tell me you believe in my love

(riff A )
I don't understand what to say
You take my breath and then you walk away
Your life goes on without me

G    D
And you can look right at me
But in your eyes it's a mystery
   D A
What do you feel about me

Tell me if it's real
Tell me what you feel in my love

Tell me what you see
Tell me you believe in my love

Tell me what to give
Tell me I can live for your love

Tell me not to leave
Tell me to believe in your love

I don't really know what to say
I don't know how, but I could learn to pray
If prayin' makes you hear me

I could stay on my own
And wonder if I would've ever known
But I just want you near me

Keep rockin'!
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