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Artist: Bottle Rockets
Song: Gravity Fails
Album: The Brooklyn Side

tabbed by: Eric Lambrecht
Notes: Even though it's listed as "chords", I added
       some (not all) Tabs for the major licks, too. :)

   F#m                        A
                                p.m.  ...   .     .   ...   .

D              E                A          Ab/A      F#m
Look at me I’m Mr. Spaceman 	out of control again
Bm             E                    A                 Asus4   A
Stumbling over words again	and finished before I even begin

     D                     E               A            Ab/A      F#m
When gravity fails and I’m falling down    glued to the ceiling – spinning around
     D               E
Well that’s when I’m counting on you

First half [Riff]

D              E                   A          Ab/A       
Calling you my better half         was always good for a laugh
    Bm              E                     A                        Asus4  A
But it’s not always such a laugh   when I think that you’re not coming back


[Riff] 2x

D    E   A Ab/A F#
Bm   E   A  Asus4  A  Asus4

D                    	       	    F#m		               
I know I’m asking for too much	And I know I’m always saying stuff
    D                               F#m
And I mess up so much stuff	And    sticking with the fool is tough

    D		           E                    A          Ab/A F#
But baby I’m saying please please please	Down on my baby blue blue jeans
Bm                   E                          A                    Asus4    A              
Maybe it’s something in my genes		Maybe it’s something in my jeans

     D               E
Well that’s when I’m counting on 
A        Ab/A     F#m
  that's when I'm counting on, yeah
D               E           [Riff]2x
that’s when I’m counting on you

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