• Song:

    Lay Em Down And Smack Them And Yack Em

  • Artist:

    Bouncing Souls

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Bouncing Souls
Lay Em And Smack Em and Yack Em
The Good The Bad And The Argyle
1994 Epitaph Records
Submitted by: jeremyunderground41@yahoo.com

Key: C

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
C/E - 032xxx
F -   133211
G/B - x2x003
C -   x32010
G -   320003
Dm -  xx0231

In the house walking around I found
my way outside on the icy ground
    F       G/B      C       C/E
and up the street to my old school
  F                G/B         C
I thought of other places that might be
C/E  F         G/B   C             C/E
cool cooler to be in right then instead
   F       G/B    C C/E   F         G/B
instead of walking     or maybe out west
   C     C/E  F      G/B       C    C/E
of costa rica paris, france or poleynesia
F            G/B   C            C/E F
  I bought a coffee at the old store I
              G/B          C
used to steal gum there to kill off
     C/E    F          G/B C
that boredom I used to feel all the
C/E  F            G/B  C
time restless and bored 

    walking on
    G/B    C
the ice to my old 
 C/E       F
school i'm done with
      G/B     C
being restless and 
C/E F  G/B C
      C/E F G/B C
to be cool

C/E F G/B C  x#, G   F C/E Dm C(hold)
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