Fields Of Clover:The Box Tops.
#26 in 1968.

INTRO: G Dm (x2)

G                            Am
You're walkin' in, fields of clover.
  C                               D              G
I hear you finally made it to the classy side of town.
   G                                                 Am C
It made me sad, got to feelin' bad, til I thought it over.
    G                      Am
And now I'm alright 'cause you're alright,
Bm            C                           Am   D
Baby, baby, I know you're sleepin' warm tonight.

G                               Am
Oh, you crossed the tracks in a hurry, yes, you did.
    C                 D              G
You didn't even stop, to tell me goodbye, yeah.
G                                   Am           C
But them pretty dresses that you're wearin', baby..
    G                      Am
are payment enough, you're sure lookin' tough.
Bm                 C                    Am     D
I always told you, ah, that you had the stuff, yeah, yeah.

Ab                                Bbm
Baby, you're walkin' in fields of clover.
       C#             Eb          Ab
You're steppin' high, like a lady should.
     Ab                                   Bbm                C#                  
Now, maybe someday you'll wave to me from across the tracks, yeah.
    Ab                      Bbm             Cm
And I'll be alright knowing you're alright, baby, baby..
  C#                          Bbm    Eb       Ab F Bbm C# Eb Ab
I know you're sleepin' warm tonight, yeah, yeah.

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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